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About our Service

Quite often it happens that you urgently need electronic currency to pay for hosting services, to extend the domain, buy links, or pay for the goods, but you have not the required amount in the purse. But there are no desperate situations. You can get the desired amount of money through credit service. is the service, providing instant credits to the users of WebMoney system, available 24 hours a day. We are confident that cooperation with our service will make a positive experience, because we offer a credit on very advantageous terms. We save our clients' time, so the work of credit machine is fully automated: in several minutes after application you can get at the desired amount of electronic money in your purse and spend it as you see fit.


Online credits for any need

We absolutely do not care about the reason you need WebMoney credit. We're just ready to give you money in the right amount right now for any needs and on the extremely favorable terms. The main advantage of our service is instant decision on the credit and the transfer of funds to the purse of the user. We strive to constantly improve the system of our service, offering customers competitive credit programs and forms of cooperation. Today, our credit machine stands out among similar services due to simplicity of operations, low interest rates and the best credit programs, so that you might be able to select the most convenient.


Rules of credit granting

You may get the credit in WebMoney through our service in fast, profitable and, not least importantly, easy way. Even a novice user can easily understand the simple procedure of obtaining the credit. We impose minimum requirements for the borrower in our system. We have provided favorable credit offers for all users of Webmoney system. Even if you got your personal passport recently, you can get a credit with our credit machine on extremely attractive terms.

We provide special offers for our regular customers. Thus, each time you pay the credit off in time, you create a positive credit history at our service. Therefore, the maximum credit amount will increase, and terms will become more favorable with each credit paid back. We are interested in regular customers and long-term cooperation, so we try to do our work the most profitable for both parties. Today we gained the reputation of a reliable partner, and also won the trust of our customers.


Security and guarantees

With our service, you can be assured of complete security and confidentiality of data on all operations completed. All information that is transmitted from the client to our server and back is protected by 128-bit HTTPS-like encryption. The use of modern systems makes the data interception and change impossible. Thus, you can be sure that all information passing through our service can never come to the hands of third parties.


Notice of risks

  • Service is an independent company that provides credit services and makes decisions on the proposals and the cost of services.
  • We offer products and services that are not provided at the request of a company or a person who operates WebMoney Transfer system.
  • Companies and persons, who operate WebMoney Transfer payment system, do not receive any commissions for participation in the provision of services and are not responsible for our operations and activities of the service.
  • Certification performed WebMoney Transfer system only confirms the details of our service, as well as identification. The procedure of certification is carried out solely at our own wish. Thus, it does not mean that service is in any way connected with the sales of WebMoney Transfer system.