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What is BL and what is the way to increase it?

BL (Business Level) is a parameter in WebMoney system, indicating the level of user's business activity. In order to calculate this indicator there are used data on the duration of the system use, the number of correspondents, who carried out transfers, as well as the volume of transactions. Also, when calculating the BL, the presence or absence of complaints in the arbitration service of Webmoney Transfer system is taken into account. The level of business activity (BL) is an integer ranging from 0 to 10 000. This index is updated in the system every three hours. It should be noted that this option does not depend on the type of your passport in the system.


Credit machine identified my business level incorrectly in Webmoney Transfer system. What can be a reason?

Credit service utilizes the data, received from Webmoney Transfer. We remind you that the level of business activity is the value, updated in the system every 3 hours. You might have addressed to our service at the very moment when the system updated this parameter, and the level of your business activity was changed.


Currently I have a credit line in your service, but I would like to improve the current conditions and increase credit limit. How can I do this?

Each repayment of credits in our service increases the limit on the credit line, and other conditions, including interest rate, become more profitable. Conditions change occurs in fully automatic way.


Is possible to get the postponement of credit obligations due to unforeseen circumstances?

Credit obligations fixation is performed directly in Webmoney Transfer system. Thus, unfortunately, we can not grant a deferment for any period of repayment of credit obligations by the borrower. We also remind you that in case of credit repayment delay you will have to pay penalties and interest on credit obligations for each overdue day.


I would like to get the credit in amount of 400 WMZ, but the system offered me to get the sum much less than those specified in my application. What can be a reason?

Note that there are different credit limits set for a variety of borrowers in our service. The maximum credit amount is determined by the service automatically, based on the parameters of the passport in Webmoney Transfer system. In addition, the credit limit is increased for users who continue to use our service.


Can I get the credit in your service if I have alias passport or formal passport in Webmoney Transfer system?

Unfortunately, lending services are available only for users, who have personal passport, and passports of higher levels. Bear in mind that all credits are executed only with debt purses, which are inaccessible to users with alias and formal passports in the system.


I took a credit in your service and I am ready to repay it in advance. Will the interest be recalculated for early repayment?

Yes, taking credits in our credit machine, you can repay obligations in advance with full recalculation of interest. Please, visit your personal account on our web-site to get more detailed information.


How long does it take to get money on my account after filling the application for credit?

Our credit machine operates in fully automatic mode. In a few minutes after filling the application, you may get money in your purse in Webmoney Transfer system, upon positive decision.


It seems to me that my keeper is managed by third parties, it's "stolen". What should I do?

If suddenly your keeper started to perform suspicious actions or operations, it is likely to be managed by intruders. Or, simply put, it is stolen. Typically, suspicious activities and transactions, indicating that your keeper is stolen, are as follows: in history of operations you may see actions, which you didn't perform, you receive reports of activation, funds are received and withdrawn without your knowledge, and IP list contains addresses which you didn't use to enter your keeper. You should immediately contact Webmoney customer support system and ask about locking your WMID.


What should I do, if intruders hacked my keeper and obtained a credit in your service?

Please note that the responsibility for WMID safety is completely assumed by its owner. And if the intruders had hacked your keeper, and later obtained a credit, you will have to fulfill the obligations. At that, it is necessary to repay the credit in full in appropriate time so that the penalties were not applied to you. For these purposes, you can register a new keeper, if the first is blocked, and make payments on the credit. Moreover, if this situation occurs, you must send a letter to customer support service, detailing the situation occurred, as well as indicating the old and new WMID in Webmoney Transfer system. Then our experts will send you detailed instruction on the credit repayment from new WMID.


I would like to get a credit in your service, at that I received a bill in amount of desired credit in my WMC-purse. Why should I pay for something if I came to get money in your service by myself?

WMC-bill, which you got in your purse in Webmoney system, is a debt that will be handed over to us instead of the amount granted under the credit. For example, you want to get a credit in amount of 10 wmz in our service. We automatically expose the debt in your WMC purse, which are included into the amount of credit and interest thereon. You confirm (pay) this bill, and then you may instantly receive the desired credit amount in your purse. Again, please note that WMC is not electronic money Webmoney, but the debt on the credit.


Today we have lots of credit services in Internet, granting credits in Webmoney. Why should I use services of your credit machine?

Credit service is a reliable partner in any situation. You can receive a credit in a few minutes. We offer a wide range of credit products, so that you could be able to select the optimum alternative. In addition, we offer credits on extremely favorable terms - we have low interest rates, with each credit repayment the terms become increasingly attractive.


Is it safe to commit transactions via your credit service?

Working with our service is absolutely safe. We do take care about the confidentiality of information received, as well as transactions performed. All information is protected by 128-bit encryption over HTTPS. Thus, you can be sure that all information passing through our service can never come to the hands of third parties.


Can I get a credit in rubles via your service?

Via our service you can only get instant credit in WMZ currency. Later you can exchange the currency to any other through your keeper.


Can I repay my credit in another currency if I obtained it in WMZ?

Repayment is made in the same currency, i.e., in WMZ. As if you have available electronic money in another currency, you can exchange it using the exchange service system.


What is minimum and maximum credit period in your service?

The maximum period depends on the parameters of the borrower's passport. So, when you open a credit line, credit period can be up to 100 calendar days. Maximum period of express-credit may also be of 100 days. You can get micro-credit for up to 25 days. Minimum credit period is 2 days. It should be noted that the interest on the credit is calculated for each day. You can always repay credit obligations to our service in advance, and all interest will be recalculated.


What is minimum and maximum credit amount in your service?

Minimum credit amount is 1 WMZ. Depending on the credit program, the maximum credit amount may vary.


At what time is the credit machine working?

Our credit machine is working around the clock, and this is its main advantage. At any time, day or night, you can come to our service and get a credit in a few minutes - the system works in fully automatic mode without operator.


What is the interest rate set for credit in your service?

In our service we do not set the fixed rate of interest. The amount of interest depends on your credit history in our service, as well as the parameters of your Webmoney passport. Thus, the more often you use our services, the more advantageous terms of cooperation we are ready to offer you.


Can I apply for credit if there is a complaint on my WMID in WebMoney arbitration service?

No, you cannot. Only borrowers, who have no debt in WMC-purse and have no complaints in Webmoney arbitration service, can obtain the credit.


What is personal passport? How can I get it?

Personal passport is the basic form of passport, used in WebMoney Transfer system. Any user, who has alias or formal passport, can get personal passport. The personal passport is issued to users only after a registrar verifies the compliance with their passport data. More detailed procedure for obtaining personal passport is available on the official web-site of WebMoney Transfer system.


How can I create WMC-purse to obtain credit?

In order to create WMC-purse you need to enter your keeper, select the tab "Menu" – "Purses" – "Create new purse". There will be presented a list of purses you can create in the moment. You must select "WMC-equivalent WMZ (purse for purchases on credit)". Then click "Next" and follow the instructions of the system.


I received the credit via your service. How can I repay it?

Go to the list of operations in your WMC-purse. In order to perform this action, double-click on the name of the debt purse in the keeper. In the list opened select Credit transaction, performed with our service. Double-click on the desired operation (you may distinguish the operation with our service by the amount of credit, as well as a report on transaction performed). In the pop-up window press the "repay". In the next window, you should click on "send" after which the credit will be repaid to our service. You may follow up the transaction in your personal account in our service - there will be information on the credit repayment.


The history of C-purse is lost. How can I repay the credit, obtained in your service?

In the case the history of C-purse has been lost as a result of reinstalling the operating system, or as a result of transferring your keeper to another computer, in order to repay the credit you must do the following. Make a deposit to your Z-purse with amount, needed for complete credit repayment. In term, set for repayment, this amount will be withdrawn from your Z-purse as credit repayment.


My WMID was blocked. How can I exchange WM* for WMZ for credit repayment?

If your WMID was blocked for overdue credit obligations, but in WMR, WME, WMG, etc. purse there is an amount which is necessary for credit repayment, you must perform the following steps. Right-click on the purse, which you want to use for exchange to WMZ in order to repay the credit. In the menu opened select the item "Exchange", then "Exchange WM to WM". To successfully complete the exchange transaction, follow the instructions of the system.


I pay a fine for credit delay. I receive the message "Incorrect correspondent ID". What does it mean?

Typically, this message indicates that you have other outstanding credit obligations. At the same time the credits may not be necessarily obtained in our service. It can be absolutely any debt liabilities, recorded in your C-purse. If you have no outstanding credits you need to apply to WebMoney Transfer arbitration service. Your WMID may be blocked for any other reasons.


I received a complaint from your credit service for my WMID. What should I do?

First and foremost, you need to repay the credit, obtained via our service and pay interest on the delay, in case it occurred. In this case you need to make payment on credit machine purse by simple transfer. Purse number: Z234996627008. What do you need to indicate in the comment? "Delay payment for credit №****". The penalty (for delay) is 1% per day of total credit amount, at that it should not be less than 1WMZ. Then you should definitely contact our experts via ICQ, e-mail or via the feedback form to remove the complaint from the arbitration service of WebMoney Transfer system.


I exceeded the term of repayment for credit, obtained in your service: WMID was blocked, BL was reduced. Currently, the credit is repaid in full, but the level of business activity (BL) is still equal to "0". What can be a reason?

We remind you that your WMID is blocked and the level of business activity is reduced not by our service, but by WebMoney Transfer system in automatic mode. In turn, our credit service can not in any way affect the rate of your WMID unblocking and returning the level of your BL after credit repayment. BL is always restored in full, so it is not worth taking the trouble. Typically, WMID unblocking and returning of the level of business activity is performed by the system within a day after the credit repayment to our service.