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Test Credit

In order to let you test automatic credit financing, we offer you to test non-interest bearing credit. You can check our system operation, as well as to estimate the benefits and convenience of cooperation with our credit service. The amount of credit granted is 1 WMZ.

Sure you are unlikely to be able to purchase any products or pay for services. However, you will estimate all the advantages of cooperation with the service, and make sure that money comes on the purse in a few minutes.

Upon receipt of credit the borrower pays WebMoney system fees for funds transfer in amount of 0.8% and 0.1% for transactions with credit purses WMC/WMD.

You will receive a bill in amount of 1.02 WMC, and you need to have 1.03 WMZ to repay it:

  • 1 WMZ the sum of the credit granted
  • 0.01 WMZ (0.8%) for credit amount transfer
  • 0.01 WMZ (0.1%) for transactions with purses WMC/WMD
  • 0.01 WMZ for credit repayment (1.02 + 0.8% fee for transaction in WebMoney system)

Requirements for borrower:

Please, note! Prior to credit arrangements are finalized add WMID 267092555071 (Service to the list of correspondents in your keeper.

Failure to fulfill this condition makes debt fixation and credit issuance impossible.